Expressions FAQ

Where can I apply my Expressions?

Be creative! Great for Restaurants, Tasting Rooms, Offices, Home Décor or ANY smooth, dry & clean surface.

What are Expressions made of?

Go Label It Expressions are made of vinyl pressure sensitive adhesive.

How do I apply my Expressions?

The area must be completely dry before applying your decal or the adhesive will not adhere. If your walls have been recently painted allow at least 3 weeks for the paint to cure before applying your decal. All decals come with vinyl arrows at the top. These arrows are designed to help you align your decal to the wall. Some people choose to “eyeball” the decal positioning on the wall while others choose to use a level over the arrows to make sure the decal is aligned. Either way the vinyl arrows can be removed from the wall once your decal has been applied. We recommend using 2 people to apply the larger decals.

Are Expressions removable?

Yes. All Vinyl decals can remove safely with no damage to the wall surface for up to 3 years. Remember to save your liner if you want to take your decal down. Placing them back on the liner will protect the adhesive for when you are ready to re-apply.

Will Expressions work in a bathroom?

Yes. The humidity will not affect the vinyl decal. Make sure when you apply  your decal that the surface is completely dry. We do not recommend hanging your decals on the inside of  the shower.

How do I get rid of air bubbles?

When applying your decal remember to start from one side and slowly smooth over your decal with the tool provided. Once applied, use your hand to press or smooth out any remaining bubbles. If the problem continues you can use a pin and insert a tiny hole to remove the air bubbles.

Can I get my Expression in a different size?

If you would like an Expression in a different size, please contact us. We can custom design any of our products to meet your color, size and shape requirements.

When will my Expressions ship?

All in stock orders will ship within 1-2 business days. All out of stock orders may require 3-5 business days.

Will I see a proof of my Expressions?

Once you select your phrase and quantity you will see a proof before you proceed to the checkout screen.

Where are Go Label It Expressions made?

Go Label It products are made in the USA. Eco-friendly, Child Safe, Lead free!

How do I return Go Label It Expressions?

We stand behind our products! If you receive a damaged item please call our customer service immediately at 419.433.2888. We will replace at NO COST! If you are dissatisfied with your Go Label It Product please contact us within 14 days and we will refund your payment (excluding shipping charges) as long as the product has not been used and is in condition to re-sell.