Expressions Installation

Download and print the install instructions for Expressions

A copy of the instructions below will accompany your order.

Most of our Expression products are comprised of 3 layers. Exceptions are basic shapes such as circles, rectangles, and bottles. For basic Expression shape installation instructions please see Step # 8.

1. The top layer is a transfer tape and looks similar to masking tape. It is directly on top of the Expression. We have removed all cut areas for you so all you need to work with is the material that will get applied to your surface area.

2. The middle layer is the actual Expression along with the arrow guides to help you position your Expression straight across your surface.

3. The bottom layer is a heavy white grid paper that acts as a protective release liner.

Please note your design may have developed creases during shipping. This will NOT affect your design as the creases will come out during installation.

Using the tools listed below can aid in making your installation easier.

  • Level

  • Yard Stick or straight edge

  • Painters Tape

  • Pencil

  • Eraser

  • Burnishing Tool (included with your order)

Step # 1 – Prepare your surface

Make sure your surface is free from dirt and oil. If your surface requires cleaning with water or chemicals we recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before installing your Expression. If your surface is newly painted you should wait at least 3 weeks before application or it may not adhere properly.

Step # 2 – Prepare your Expression

Unroll your Expression. You can lay it somewhere warm to help eliminate the curl from shipping. Place your design on a table or another flat and smooth surface. The backing paper (with the grids) should be facing up. You should not be able to see the design. Use the enclosed Burnishing Tool and rub firmly. This process will make sure the Expression will remain attached to the transfer tape during Step # 3.

Installation Step 2


Step # 3 – Place your design onto the surface you wish to decorate

Position your Expression so that you can see the image and the arrows. The Grid Paper backing should be closest to the wall. Decide where you want to locate your design. Once you have determined the location that suits your Expression, place strips of painters tape along the top to hold your design in place. The tape will act as a “hinge” during the application of your design so it is important that you use a sufficient amount of tape to anchor your design to the surface.

Installation Step 3

Step # 4 – Straight Alignment

Place a level across the arrows at the top of your Expression. Adjust your tape until the arrows are level. Some people choose to “eyeball” the location of their design while others may opt to use a ruler and measure from the ceiling or other reference point above your design to get the arrows straight. Whatever works best for you. Just be sure to use the arrows, not the top of the application paper, for a straight edge guide!

Installation Step 4


Step # 5 – Flip and Remove the Backing…SLOWLY

Flip your design up so the backing with the grids is facing you and your design is upside down. Carefully remove the backing paper from the transfer tape at a 45 degree angle. Your tape will act as the anchor for this process. If you need to apply more tape to secure the design to the wall you may do so before continuing. If the design does not come off the backing paper, press the backing area against the design again until it releases properly. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side with your hands as the oils on your hands may prevent the design from sticking to your surface.

Installation Step 5

Step # 6  – Applying your decorative wall design

Carefully lay your Expression to the surface. The hinge will act as the anchor to hold the design in place. Use your hands to smooth over the design from top to bottom. Then take the enclosed burnishing tool and place it in the center of your design. Rub the burnishing tool across the design from the center out. This will allow the design to bond to the surface.

Installation Step 6

Step # 7 – Removing the Transfer Tape

Begin at the top of the design and slowly wiggle and pull the top layer (transfer tape) off at a 45 degree angle. Be patient and make sure all parts of your design release from the transfer tape and adhere to the wall. Remove the arrow guides at the top of the design.

Installation Step 7

Step # 8 – This step only needs to be followed if you are applying an Expression Basic Shape (Circle, Rectangle or Bottle Shape)

Our basic shapes are comprised of two layers. The top layer is the Expression surface and the bottom layer is the liner. To apply your basic shape simply remove it from the backing paper or liner and apply it to your surface. You can use your hand or the enclosed burnishing tool to remove any air pockets and to make sure the design bonds to the surface properly.

If you need further assistance or have questions about installation instructions, please call 419.433.2888. A customer service representative is available to assist you Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your Expression!