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Be your own Pro!

A perfect gift

Be a Star!

Showcase your Superstar!

Wall of Me

It's All About Me!

MedalBe your own Pro!

Why should the PROS be the only ones with their OWN custom Fatheads? Why not take your love for dance, football, soccer or any event to the next level and create your very own personalized WALL of ME? 

MedalAll about you!

Go Label It Wall of Me Decals are similar to the custom FATHEADS. They are vinyl decals with adhesive that can be removed and reused without damaging your wall. They make a great addition to any room! 

MedalGet your own

Follow the steps below and start enjoying your personalized Wall of Me! 

 1. Start with a good clear image. The quality of the image is best taken with a 7 megapixel (or greater camera). Most digital cameras will provide an adequate image. 

 2. Upload your photo. 

 3. You can choose from various sizes and whether you want a Head-to-Toe decal or a cookie cutter decal. Our Head-To-Toe decals are perfect for any full body images. Not to worry if you send an image and you cropped the feet. We are not all professional photographers! You can choose from 4 of our cookie cutter shape decals which position the shape you choose around the image to maximize the shape. 

 4. ENJOY! When you receive your Go Label It Wall of Me please follow the application instructions provided. You may need help hanging the larger decals. 

MedalOrder your Wall of Me Decals!

To purchase  your very own Wall of Me Decal call 419-433-2888 today to get started!